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Teaching English in the UAE

Interested in teaching English in the United Arab Emirates? Here's a breakdown of things to consider before taking the leap.

Posted on 29-04-2012 by Kim Loe - 95 Comments.

The United Arab Emirates is both one of the youngest and one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The nation itself only formed just over 40 years ago in 1971, consisting of seven emirates. The geography of this terrain is dominated by vast dessert land, dotted with oasis green islands, perfect, white sandy beaches, and some of the busiest and cleanest, best developed, hi-tech metropolises of the 21st century. The modern day buzz and star studded attraction of the UAE, and in particular, the city of Dubai, is something else, and famous and wealthy visitors flock to this modern magnificent land for its  huge shopping malls, plush hotels, and gigantic skyscrapers, just as much as for the traditional souks and ancient mosques and temples.

The UAE is one of the today’s millionaire’s playgrounds; it has become a centre for so much commerce and tourism. Not so many years ago and the main residents of the country were the Emirati nomads, who roamed the deserts by camelback. The modern day United Arab Emirates are dominated by young, multi-cultured businessmen, oil and energy tycoons, and entrepreneurs, with much of the remaining Muslim population moving into a new, urbanized way of life. The women of the country now have freedom (unlike in some neighbouring nations), they are educated, and offered human rights, able to drive and work outside of their home.


Teaching English in the UAE

English language has become a staple subject in state schools of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it is now the primary second language. Despite this, there are not as many native English speakers teaching in the UAE as one would think, especially considering the potential for TEFL jobs within Dubai alone. However, the growing tourist and hospitality industries are beginning to change that, and the demand for more natural English speakers and TEFL teachers is rapidly increasing. English TESOL and TEFL jobs in the UAE are not so hard to spot, heavily advertised in local papers and on expat websites, with no real perfect or bad time to start your job hunt. As well as the many schools advertising for qualified TEFL teachers, there is also a network of language agencies, which are often happy to employ native speakers from the UK, Canada, and the USA, interviewing them and offering jobs within the applicant’s home country.

As well as state schools, there are also a wealth of private and internationals schools, educating the hoard of expat kids that find themselves starting a new life in the United Arab Emirates. A further teaching option is with adult classes and business English schools, catering for the many professionals who are drawn to the UAE for high end and hi-tech jobs, needing to brush up on their business English, hoping to develop their careers and impress the boss.

There is also a lot of opportunity to teach privately, with many international families and business learners looking for additional help and tuition, and many TEFL teachers choose to give private tuition in addition to their primary TEFL job, making for very good earning and saving potential.

Teachers tend to get paid very well, the typical TEFL teacher can expect to earn around 8000 to 12000 AED per month (approx 10000 AED = £1700, €2000, $2700), and in most full time TEFL jobs in the UAE, you will receive free accommodation, medical insurance, and all visa costs covered, as well as some end of contract bonuses. Life in the UAE may not be cheap, but the high, tax free TEFL wages make it very possible to live well and build up some great savings.

Whilst there is a rapid increase for native English speaking TEFL teachers in the UAE, any TEFL teachers who are fluent in both Arabic and English should also consider working as a translator, with a constant stream of translation jobs seemingly available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Dubai is perhaps one of the most modern cities in the world, and a major global trade centre. It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, attracting some of the world’s most famous and wealthy people. The economy is secure due to lucrative oil and tourism industries, but such is the economical and social growth that the city has a constantly increasing demand for TEFL teachers, and more so, native English speaking TEFL teachers, with schools and agencies willing to pay high wages, in-line with the high costs and high standards of living in the country.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is another major tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. One of the richest and fastest developing cities in the world, Abu Dhabi, as with Dubai, is also one of the most expensive to live in. The size of the rapidly growing tourism industry is making for such a high demand for TEFL teachers in Abu  Dhabi, that English teaching wages here are amongst the highest anywhere in the world, and are also tax free! More often than not, including free accommodation! TEFL teaching in Abu Dhabi is not just a chance to witness the exciting growth of one of the most modern cities in the world, but a chance to play a part in its development.

If you would like to get qualified to become eligible for jobs in the United Arab Emirates then you can book your Online TEFL Course here

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95 thoughts on “Teaching English in the UAE

  1. I am very much interested in Teaching English in UAE as I have experience in teaching english in CYPRUS.Just wondering what would be the tution fee and also want to know whether you can help me in getting a job or not in UAE?

    many thanks

  2. M Amjad Ali says:

    So good you have shared nice info about Dubai and Abu Dhabi ..both cities are very expensive but they attract the people you inform us in this blog that when every one in UAE he full fill his pocket.I can say must how these expensive so that they are very enjoying and amazing and provide you good healthy environment.

  3. I am highly interested to teach English Language, Literature, Communication Skills, Business English and Applied Grammar in UAE.

  4. I am interested to teach EFL, ESL, Communication Skills and Applied Grammar in UAE.

  5. Angela SHEPPERDSON says:

    I am a fully qualified native British TEFL teacher with 18 years experience tutoring children through to advanced adults. I hold a TEFL Business English Certificate in addition to my TEFL Certificate. I am looking for work in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi on a part time or ad-hoc basis. Please advise.

  6. Anges says:

    I want to teach english in UAE. Many years of experience also like a interpreter. No problem for me to move.

  7. Mark Ingle says:

    I am looking for a position teaching English in an Islamic country, I have 25 years business experience as well would be a good teacher for business people.
    I am a English Muslim – revert.
    Thank you.

  8. taught ESL in brazil for several yers. i was very effective. looking for overseas position.

  9. taught ESL in brasil for 2 years

    i was very effective.

    english degree from prestigious university

    am very interested in job abroud and particurly Dubai

  10. samhudson says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have any vacancies there at the moment but do keep checking our jobs board!

  11. samhudson says:

    We do currently have jobs in Azerbaijan, if you look at our jobs board you will see that we have some jobs for very experienced individuals

  12. Elizabeth Barnett says:

    I have recently graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in English and have no teaching experience. I do however have a great deal of work and travel experience and am a very quick learner. I would like to teach English in Dubai and am wondering if that is a possibility with my current experience. I would be willing to become TESOL certified if that would help. Any advice or job opportunities you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Tahir Jahan Khan says:

    I am M.Phil TESL and need a teaching job abroad.

  14. LoveTEFL says:

    Hi M. Phil,

    Are you looking for any particular role, or location? Have you obtained a TEFL/TESL certification?


  15. LoveTEFL says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Dubai is a very competitive market, where it would be extremely challenging to find a role—-even with a uni degree. I would recommend to look at getting a TEFL/TESOL certification as it looks beneficial in your CV/Resume.

    What you could do is have a look at the roles we offer in China or Thailand and gain some experience there, and then consider Dubai—this is when you’ll have a greater chance in landing a better job, as there would be a lot of CELTA and DELTA graduates around in Dubai with years of teaching experience.


  16. javed says:

    dear sir/madam
    i am a master,s degree holder in english.i have also experience of 5 years in private sector.would you like to guide me regarding teaching in Duabahi?
    javed ahmed

  17. Richard says:

    Hi I am a Director of Studies at an academy in Spain.. My wife is keen to move to the UAE for her career. This article sounds really optimistic about the esl job situation but I have not found many opening on the sites I have been to so far. Where are the best places to look for jobs in the ESL industry there?

  18. pamela spyro says:

    Hi! I am a teacher of English as a foreing language and have been teaching for many, many years. I have taught (and was trained) in Brazil, and Greece. I do not have a bachelor’s degree but have had teacher training and hold permit to teach English in Greece. I also have a Celta. Would like to find any English teaching job in Dubai.

  19. Elanie says:

    Hi, I would appreciate some advise on the following… I really want to teach English in Dubai. I have a year experience teaching in South Korea (2009). I also have a university degree in marketing. Is it possible to get a job, while I complete my TEFL course? I already registered for the 150 hour course and will complete the course in 6 months.
    Thank you

  20. Huda Chaudhry says:

    I have just finished teaching in china after a year and a half. I am looking to move to the UAE and was wondering what was the best way to go about it.

  21. fida hussain says:

    Hi,I currently hold a BA in business admin & law and a postgraduate degree in law. I have extensive experience in direct marketing including training & 1-1 mentoring. Currently I do not hold a TEFL qualification or similar course. I am on the verge of embarking on one in due course. I would like a good position in Dubai or Middle East.
    Any helpful advise/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance.

  22. Ronica says:

    Hi! I am a management professional, and a business skills trainer. I would love to teach English in Dubai, but I don’t have a B.Ed (indian teacher qualification). will getting a TESOL certificate help?

  23. Saf says:

    Hi. Just completed my TEFL course. Really want to teach in the Middle East but I don’t have any experience. Is that a huge problem?

  24. hammad muhammad says:

    I am very interested in teaching english in Dubai but i do not have a degree will this be a problem as im currently doing a tefl/tesol course online and taking grammer training?

  25. Jennifer says:

    I have just recently completed a 150 hour master certificate TEFL course. I am also a qualified primary school teacher with 6 years teaching experience (B.Ed Hons 2:1). I’d be extremely interested to secure a post in Dubai. Does this sound possible with my qualifications? I’d love to continue to work with children…. Would I need to complete a TEYL certificate too?

  26. Luis Pazmino says:

    I have a Bacherlors degree from an Ecuadorian University, currently teaching at University level, I am fluent in English and Spanish with an Ecuadorian and a US citizenship, and I would like to teach in the UEA.

  27. David Sanusi says:

    am a Ghanaian and a teacher by profession.I’ve been teaching for almost 5 yrs now with a degree in early childhood education. can it be possible for me to teach in your country?

  28. Dubai Jobs says:

    I am interested for that.

  29. Moegammad Soliegh Ceres says:

    Hi, I am a Registrar at the Institute of Sharia Studies in Cape Town South Africa. I have a B.A Honours in Shariah Studies from the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia (2002).I also completed the TEFL Course and I an interested in teaching in Dubai.I am a South Afican National.

  30. Hafsah Mahetar says:

    I am a teaching assistant at tge moment. I have completed a 5 year BA in islamic philosophy and sciences. And just completed my tefl course too. Any jobs for me??

  31. Abbas khan says:

    Hi lovetefl. I’m a celta certified bsc graduate with 3 years experience at primary level and with adult learners. I’m seeking to further my career in Dubai. Do you have any options for me. Thanks

  32. fam says:

    Hello! I have a BA and an MA in the Humanities, both from Cambridge University, and a TEFL certificate from a well-known British institution. I have 16 years’ teaching experience, working with young people and adults of many nationalities in classroom situations in Oxford (UK), Cape Town (South Africa) and Harare (Zimbabwe), where I have also privately tutored the staff and children of several embassies. With this background, might it be comparatively easy to find work in the UAE, preferably in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?

  33. Rohani Ismail says:

    Hi! I am interested to explore a teaching opportunity at Dubai, teaching English as a second or foreign language. However, I don’t have a TESL or TEFL certificate. I was an EL teacher for 14 years and a Vice-Principal for 4 years in Singapore schools. Would appreciate some suggestions or advice. Many thanks!

  34. Kath says:

    Hi there I am posting here in an effort to gain advice and information regarding teaching English in the UAE.

    I am an Australian secondary teacher with 15 years of experience. During that time I have held positions of leadership such as English Coordinator as well as organising and coaching for such extra curricula activities such as debating, public speaking and tournament of minds. I have a Bachelor of Arts (English and Political Science) and a Bachelor of Teaching (English & Humanities. For the last 7 years I have taught and assessed ESL students along with their non-ESL peers within mainstream English & Humanities classes.

    Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post.

    Kind regards,


  35. Kerry Griffiths says:

    Hi there, Kath.
    Thanks for your comment- it sounds like you have plenty of experience, and your qualifications will certainly stand you in good stead for teaching abroad.
    At present, we do not offer employment opportunities in the UAE- however we have recently begun recruiting for jobs in Saudi Arabia, details of which can be found here:
    Please feel free to email us at for any further information- the best of luck in your endeavours!

  36. Julie says:

    Hi there,
    I have completed the 120 hour TEFL course and have a BA (Hons) Sociology degree. I have no formal teaching experience but I would like to find work teaching English in Dubai. Realistically are there many opportunities with these qualifications?

  37. Kerry says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your comment.
    A degree is generally required when teaching in the UAE, as is a 140 hour TEFL qualification. You may find that you need to take on a bit more training, but I would imagine you will find work with few problems. We don’t currently recruit for Dubai, so I can’t give you definite answers – I’d just recommend doing a bit of extra research.
    I hope this helps!

  38. Jannah says:


    I am extremely interested in finding a teaching job in the U.A.E. I graduated from an accredited university in the U.S.A. I received my BA degree in Criminal Justice, but I have gone back to school to receive my Masters in Bilingual Education/TESL. I will be graduating in May of 2015. I have experience as a pre – kindergarten teacher for 2 years, as well as a private ESL tutor. I am also a native English speaker from the U.S.A.

    I am not sure, however, if this will be enough experience in order to receive an job opportunity in the U.A.E.

    I would appreciate any advice that you would be able to give me.



  39. Kerry says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your post!
    It certainly sounds like you’ve got plenty of great experience. You can find out full details of our Saudi Arabia recruitment here:
    Please feel free to email any specific queries to and our recruitment team will get back to you!
    Many thanks, and the best of luck with your application.

  40. uma kulkarni says:

    Hi all
    Im highly impressed with so many talented and qualified educators participating in this forum.
    I was a teacher for 12 years in boarding schools within India. Later I had to give it up to take care of my kids. Now Im freelance writer working for online magazines and websites. I have recently completed TEFL. Im interested in working in UAE. What is the scope for me in UAE? Any suggestions.

  41. Kerry says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Here at LoveTEFL, we only place native English speakers in TEFL roles overseas.
    I’d recommend a bit of research in your native country to see if you can find a company that can place you.
    The best of luck with your TEFL journey!

  42. humera Ambareen says:

    Hello, I am post graduate in Science and perusing my Ph.D, published many Research papers nationally(India) and Internationally. I wondered why it’s a trend to hire only native English Speakers in UAE? Not even given a chance for demo? Y we r not given a chance for teaching jobs? Do they think we r not qualified? Confused!!!

  43. Kerry says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your comment.
    When hiring English teachers, companies tend to hire native English speakers who have teaching experience. This is to ensure the highest possible quality teaching for the students of the establishments we recruit for.
    I would recommend researching ESL providers in your native country.
    The best of luck!

  44. Samira says:

    Where is your location in Dubai thanks

  45. Kerry says:

    Hi there,
    Unfortunately we do not recruit for locations in Dubai.
    Many thanks.

  46. Spencer says:

    Hello, and thanks for all the useful information on this website. Based on my qualifications listed below would you consider me as a viable candidate for some of the higher paying English teaching positions? Thanks in advance

    – 28 year old male, born and raised in USA
    – BA in International Relations, minor in Spanish
    – Online TESOL certificate
    – Short experience (3 months) teaching English in Japanese summer camps for young children
    – 3 years experience tutoring university students
    – 3 years experience coaching martial arts for university students
    – Writer for travel website (
    – 1 year experience working in Peru in import/export

  47. Kerry says:

    Hi Spencer,
    Thanks for your post.
    Based on the information provided here, you’d certainly stand a good chance of gaining employment – however different countries have different requirements.
    We’re currently recruiting for Saudi, Thailand and China.
    Have a look at our positions here and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  48. bill says:

    I have a friend who tells me she got a job to teach english as a second language in Dubai. She is flying there with a plane ticket that they sent her and will apparently be provided with accommodation. She tells me its a two year contract. She is not a teacher and only has some experience working in a daycare centre. She was apparently interviewed over skye. Does this sound like a legitimate job offer to you?

  49. Kerry says:

    Hi Bill,
    We wouldn’t comment on other companies, but many full-time teaching jobs do require a degree at the very least, and teaching experience in many cases.
    Your friend should certainly carry out her own detailed research into the company before she travels abroad.
    I hope this helps!

  50. […] A guide to teaching English in the UAE – LoveTEFL – Teaching English in the UAE. … and Greece. I do not have a bachelor’s degree but have had teacher training and hold permit to teach English in Greece. I also have a Celta. Would like to find any English teaching job in Dubai. Reply. Elanie says: June 18, 2013 at 6:00 pm. […]

  51. jhonmila01 says:

    Thanks to all my dear friends for commenting.
    Medical Translation in Abu Dhabi

  52. Christi says:

    Hello!Could I find an English teaching job in UAE with the following skills?
    a. Bachelor degree in translation (Greek, English, French)
    b. Masters in Linguistics (English speaking MA)
    I am not native speaker of English though..

  53. Christi says:

    Hello!Could I find an English teaching job in UAE with the following skills?
    a. Bachelor degree in translation (Greek, English, French)
    b. Masters in Linguistics (English speaking MA)
    c. TEFL certificate (more than 120 hours)
    I am not native speaker of English though..

  54. Kerry says:

    Hi there Christi,
    Thanks for your comment.
    With your experience, you certainly stand a chance of finding a teaching job – most recruiters do only take on native English speakers however, and you may be subject to extra regulations.
    The best of luck!

  55. Mamali Fatuma says:

    I would like so much to teach in Dubai. I teach English language and Literature in English.I have five year experience.

  56. mausumi says:

    I have done my BA in english literature and currently persuing my masters in english and communication.
    Could u please tell me do I stand a chance of teaching in dubai and what else dgree or course I need to do for the same.
    Thank you

  57. Ashleigh says:


    I am a fully qualified TEFL trained teacher with experience. Where could I apply for a job?

  58. alireza hashtroody says:

    would you pls guide me to find out an amrican
    academy for learning and coversation in uae
    and how to apply so acheive student residency
    best regars

  59. Jennifer says:

    I’m curious about teaching English to adults in the UAE. Please email info. on the process. Thank you!

  60. Kerry says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we do not currently recruit for positions in the UAE. The best of luck with your search though!

  61. Hamad Khan says:

    Hi I would be truly delighted and honoured to teach anywhere in the UAE. I have spent nine out of my twelve teaching years in Saudi Arabia, taught at three universities and hold three qualifications as an ESL instructor in addition to an undergraduate degree.

    As a Muslim, I adhere to the same religion as the indigenous population, uphold and share similar values and principles and through past experience of life there, I now know the culture.

    I further have knowledge and understanding in teaching methodologies that work with Arab students and stimulating interest in discussions, learning outcomes and key themes and applying the use of grammar to more complex forms of regular conversation.

  62. Kerry says:

    Hi there Hamad,
    Thankyou for your comment. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t recruit for positions in the UAE, but it certainly sounds like you’re qualified to work there.
    I’d recommend finding a company that recruits for positions here, and letting them know of your experience and qualifications.
    The best of luck with your TEFL journey! We wish you a long and successful career.

  63. Paul White says:

    Could anyone offer any pointers to TEFL positions in Dubai.I have 20 years experie snce of teaching and running my own courses.I would really be most grateful for any direct contacts.Many thanks in advance Paul

  64. dildar uddin says:

    Regards, iam master degree holder in english along with b,a and b,edand one year teaching experiace in college.but now i am qiute lntrested to teach in dubai and widen our horizen.need yor kind advice.

  65. Dee says:

    Hi there, are you hiring any online teachers for teaching English? If not can you recommend any companies based in the UAE that hire teachers for online work? Any suggestions would be helpful thanks.

  66. Dee says:

    Hi there, are you hiring any online teachers for teaching English? If not can you recommend any companies based in the UAE that hire teachers for online work? Any suggestions would be helpful thanks.

  67. rafia says:

    I am Canadian citizen . completed high school in Toronto. And thinking of doing TESL course from university of Toronto. And would like to teach in Abu- Dhabi. So please recommend is it beneficial ?

  68. Victoria Jones says:

    Hi, I have two years teaching experience in both South Korea and the Czech Republic. I also have a TEFL certification. Would I be eligible to teach in the UAE?
    Thanks in advance!

  69. Kevin says:

    I have a CELTA qualification but have not used it for 3 years. The last time was in China. Could I expect to get a job 25 hours per week in Dubai. Is there an agency I can contact?

  70. Brian Darcy says:

    I have TEFL with international teaching experience, University Masters Degree, bachelors degree and 2 years experience teaching international students English. I am looking to teach in the UAE/Dubai. Can anybody offer any help on where I can contact possible employers/good agencies? Thank you

  71. Harsha Kumar Daniel K says:

    I am very delighted to know much details of working abroad especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi . I have completed MA in English from Bangalore University, BEd through IGNOU, Now I am undergoing TEFL training at Bangkok. I am eager to work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi..

    I have 14 years of experience teaching grade 11 and 12 students in INDIA which includes 1 year in Maldives where i taught GCE O’ Level….

  72. Maire Pepper says:

    Hi, I was hoping to get a job in July by September and I was looking for a bit of advise.

    I am just about to start a TEFL course and aim to have it completed by mid July as I have taken a career break from work. I am wondering if there are any that you would recommend? Can I apply for jobs while I’m doing it?

    I also am 1 module off my degree but will do it online while I’m away (as it is all assignment based). My Uni will end a letter and a transcript explaining this.

    I am currently working as a teaching assistant in a special needs school for the last 6 years and have plenty of teaching experience, 1 to 1 teaching and lesson planning. Students ages have ranged from 4 to 18 years of age. I have taken part in speech and language training and other related training.

    Do you think I will be accepted with my experience, TEFL although I still have a remaining module to do in order to complete my degree?

    Thank you for your time.
    Kind Regards,

  73. Maire Pepper says:

    I should add that I feel a lot of my students were non Irish speakers when they arrived to the school. What as more, my career has led me to develop excellent non verbal skills and the ability to overcome language barriers.

  74. Kerry says:

    Hi Maire,
    Thanks for your comment. Our 120 hour online TEFL course means you can get qualified in as little as six weeks – perhaps even less if you’re able to dedicate further time to your studying. It’s all done online so it’s really convenient to study whenever suits you. Find it here: Many TEFL jobs do not require that you have a degree, though as you are so close to finishing it will definitely stand you in good stead. You don’t mention where you would like to teach – jobs in the UAE tend to have more stringent requirements, so you may find a more detailed, expert 300 hour TEFL course is a better choice for you:
    I hope this helps.

  75. Reta says:


    I am an MBA , post graduation diploma in business studies & training & development diploma plus TEFL cert for teaching English as foreign language.

    Could you please advise as I want to do teaching in Middle East

  76. Robert says:

    Hi, I’m an English Language Teacher from London. I have over two years of classroom experience and a CELTA qualification. I would like to take my skills abroad, do I need any other qualifications?

  77. Kerry says:

    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your comment. Many recruiters in the UAE will require a university degree, which presumably you have.
    In general, it’s best to contact the recruiters directly to clarify their requirements.

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  79. RR says:

    Hello, everyone.
    I looked through the blog and have couple of questions.Do the schools In Emirates or Middle East in general require diploma of a Language University or any University diploma is fine?
    How would anyone teach ESL in Dubai or Abu Dhabi if you don’t speak Arabic?
    I do speak English and teach English to different level students,but my university degree is Islamic Law.I wonder will it be possible to apply for an ESL job in UAE with TEFL certificate alone? I have 5 years of experience and IELTS 8.0
    Any helpful answer is appriciated
    The best wishes,

  80. zeena says:

    Having successfully completed and passed your quiz test what am i suppose to do next?

  81. Kerry says:

    Hi Zeena,
    Thanks for your comment. Congrats on passing the TEFL course! We will have emailed you your money off vouchers, so please just check your email inbox.Then, you can take advantage of some great discounts on our TEFL travel and course products!

  82. […] A guide to teaching English in the UAE – LoveTEFL – Teaching English in the UAE. English language has become a staple subject in state schools of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it is now the primary second language. […]

  83. […] A guide to teaching English in the UAE – LoveTEFL – Teaching English in the UAE. English language has become a staple subject in state schools of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it is now the primary second language. […]

  84. […] A guide to teaching English in the UAE – LoveTEFL – Teaching English in the UAE. English language has become a staple subject in state schools of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it is now the primary second language. […]

  85. ilham says:

    dear Sirs,
    I am posting to gain any piece of advice with regard to teaching English in the UAE.
    I am a Moroccan senior high school teacher with 9 years of classroom experience. I have a Bachelor of Arts (English studies) and a Masters degree of linguistics and literary studies (critical discourse analysis.) I would like to know whether there is any possibility to teach English language in Dubai. Also, I’d like to know whether it is mandatory to have CELTA or TESOL certification to get a teaching position in Dubai.
    Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated.
    Best regards,

  86. Anna says:

    Hello there,
    I’m an English teacher (BA, MA, 9 years of experience) from Europe, Poland, yet I was also teaching in many other UE countries. (I’ve just come back from Norway). I WISH TO TEACH IN DUBAI OR QATAR.
    The age of the learners, their language level, or individual needs/disorders/learning styles, etc. are a professional challange for me and I do not mind them. On the contrary, they motivate me to design learner-centred, fully individualized syllabi that follow the requirements of a specific institution. I am a flexible person, ready to adjust, learn, develop professionaly in order to raise my competences.
    Anyway, I feel I was born to teach English to people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. I find it easy to prepare teaching syllabi, materials and plans for virtually all age groups and organizing their learning…

  87. Kerry says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for your comment.
    We’re don’t recruit for roles in Dubai or Qatar, so unfortunately we can’t help you secure the role you’re after.
    The best of luck with your TEFL search! Kerry

  88. Asise Godin says:

    I am a teacher in Ghana with a qualification in diploma in basic education with almost three years teaching experience in junior high school and I want to teach in Dubai.Is it possible?I need the guidelines in his to apply for the teaching job in Dubai

  89. Nafeesah Chaudhry says:

    Hi there,

    I am very much interested in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Dubai (or elsewhere in the UAE). I recently completed my BA Honours in Childhood Studies and I am looking to complete the CELTA course in the coming months. Is this sufficient in getting a job out there? I have about 6 months voluntary experience of working in schools but do not have any solid paid experience. I’ve always wanted to travel to and live in Dubai. Do you think this would be feesable? If not, my other option was to try getting a job as a teaching assistant at a school, do you think that would be better?

    Thank you very much for your help!!

    – Nafeesah

  90. Hi!
    I am a professional teacher with BSc construction technology education certificate from the University of Education, Winnwithin Ghana with over 4 years teaching experience.
    I am interested in teaching in the UAE.
    Humbly anticipating your response.

  91. Elisabeth Hogan says:


    I have a master’s degree in international relations. I am TEFL certified. I also have 5 years of experience teaching abroad. I am very interested in teaching in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Thank you very much.

  92. […] A guide to teaching English in the UAE – LoveTEFL – Teaching English in the UAE. English language has become a staple subject in state schools of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it is now the primary second language. […]

  93. Josh Hancock says:

    I am trying to find IELTS schools in the UAE that might be interested in partnering with us.

    We offer an IELTS editing service where we provide a Student Report for every IELTS writing assignment they send us.

    The essay will be edited, a grade given for each of the four criteria the examiner uses in the test, and tips given to help improve the student’s skill when writing the next assignment.

  94. Usama zaman says:

    I complete the bs english from lahore university then I want to jobs in dubai

  95. Syed Abdullah Al Hasan says:

    Is it possible to join as a teacher in any school in UAE with a M.A. certificate from any Indian University? Or I have to undergo any other special course to get appointed as a teacher of English language in UAE?? Please reply as soon as possible…

    Thanking you

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