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  • Qualify in just a few weeks
  • Open the door to thousands of teaching opportunities worldwide
  • Support and guidance from a dedicated tutor
  • Earn $850 - $6000 a month working in dream destinations

Your ticket to teaching and travelling abroad

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) gives you the skills and knowledge to teach English in hundreds of amazing destinations all over the world.

Whatever your motivation, whether you’re looking to start a career in teaching or simply want to get out there and explore our world, TEFL is an exciting and rewarding path to take.

You don’t need any previous teaching experience or a second language, just the passion and drive to get out there and teach. If you are new to TEFL you can get qualified in as little as six weeks with our fully online 120 hour course. We also have six great specialist courses perfect for learners and experienced TEFL teachers alike! These courses will help you to bulk up your CV and earning potential for when you’re looking for TEFL jobs.

Then, you just need to choose where you’d like to teach: fancy laid-back Thailand or colourful Colombia? Or maybe bustling China? With LoveTEFL, the world really is your oyster.

Why Choose LoveTEFL?

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Famous Support


As a small team, we work extra hard and our experience and commitment to you shows - our customers rave about our expert support.



Why complicate things? We’re straightforward. We’ll get you qualified and out there teaching as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Great Value

Great value

We keep our prices low because we know everyone likes to save some pennies. If our customers are happy, so are we!



We graduate thousands of happy customers a year, and we’re accredited so you know you’re in safe and reliable hands.

Choose your TEFL Course

You'll start with our essential 120 hour online TEFL course, and then have the option to add any of our six specialist courses to your training so you've covered everything you need before you start your teaching experience. All our TEFL courses are completed 100% online, so you can fit your study in wherever and whenever suits you.

Get started with our 120-hour online TEFL course

Our 120 hour online TEFL course is all you need to teach English anywhere in the world. You'll learn about TEFL teaching, how to plan effective lessons and loads more, testing your learning with an assessment at the end.

Take your learning further and earn more!

Add specific skills to your CV like lesson planning, teaching Business English or teaching Young Learners with our specialist courses. They're packed with expert training to help you stand out from the crowd in your chosen area and are great for beginners or experienced TEFL teachers alike.

Specialist TEFL courses

  • Teaching English one-to-one (30 hours)
  • Teaching Teenagers (30 hours)
  • Teaching Young Learners (30 hours)
  • Lesson Planning (30 hours)
  • Teaching Business English (60 hours)
  • Become an IELTS coach (60 hours)

Our 120 hour course teaches you all the essential skills you'll need to start your TEFL career

Specialist Courses will equip you with extra skills, perfect for beginners and experienced teachers alike, who want to develop specific skills or advance your earning capabilities.

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Potential earnings $850 - $4400 per month $2000 - $6000 per month
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Already TEFL Qualified?

If you’ve already gained your TEFL certificate – great! You’re now in a great position to specialise your skills and increase your earning potential by adding to your TEFL skill set. There are thousands of positions out there waiting to be filled by candidates with expert teaching knowledge, and our specialist TEFL courses will give you the professional clout to stand out from the crowd.

Our Specialist TEFL Courses:

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Already Qualified?

Introducing our amazing tutors

All of our tutors are hand-picked for their experience and excellent service. Check out our reviews on

  • Tracy Robinson

    Tracy Robinson

    Tracy has worked all over, including four years in Japan where she realised TEFL was her calling. She’s now got over 15 years of experience in the industry, including time as Director of Studies at an English language college here in the UK, where she has a young family. She now loves to help others realise their TEFL dream by writing and marking your TEFL courses.

  • Claire Baker

    Claire Baker

    After training as a primary school teacher in Newcastle, our tutor Claire moved to Prague to start life as a TEFL teacher. Since then, she’s taught in Greece, Czech Republic, South Africa, Italy and Spain (to name a few places!) and still loves to travel, though she’s now based in the UK with her partner and daughter.

  • Natalie Ruggins

    Natalie Ruggins

    DELTA-qualified tutor Natalie has over 11 years’ experience teaching English in amazing locations like India, New Zealand and Cambodia, though she can’t pick a favourite. She’s worked in the UK in teaching and managerial roles, and now lives in the South with her two young sons biking, trekking and exploring local parks.

  • Bronwyn Rout

    Bronwyn Rout

    Australian tutor Bronwyn is one of the latest to join the LoveTEFL team. She first came to Europe as an exchange student over 16 years ago and was desperate to return, doing so by working in a range of jobs including air hostessing in the UAE. She’s got an MA in TEFL and now teaches international students preparing for university in the UK.

  • Sonia Graham

    Sonia Graham

    Sonia has got years of practical TEFL experience in South Korea and Spain, as well as having worked as an engineer in India before returning to the UK to tutor for us. Her favourite aspects of travelling are hiking and anything outdoorsy, as well as sampling the local food – but she’s terrified of monkeys (unfortunately, they know this and think it’s hilarious).

  • Paul O’Donovan

    Paul O’Donovan

    Paul has taught in the US and Argentina, as well as travelling around Africa, Europe and South America (where he travelled by bus from La Paz to Buenos Aires!) He now lives in London, where in-between marking your TEFL work he runs a program helping international students prepare for Uni. Also likes: cycling, hiking and watching his favourite football team lose.


Q1. How do I know which TEFL course to choose?

There are loads of TEFL course providers out there, so it’s really important to do some research before parting with your cash. Hunt for great value, but also make sure the provider is accredited like we are. This means your qualification will be recognised all over the world. Our course is written by experienced TEFL teachers, so you’re learning from the best.

Q2. Can I teach TEFL if I don’t have a second language?

Definitely. In fact, in most teaching positions it’s preferred that the teacher only speaks in English in the classroom, to get students used to it.

Q3. Why are TEFL courses measured in hours?

When you apply for a TEFL job, your employer will use the hours of learning as a way of knowing how much study you have done, and thus how qualified you are. 120 hours is usually the minimum required for most TEFL jobs.

Q4. Where can I teach with TEFL?

Anywhere in the world where English is spoken! You can stay at home or seek our dream placements in locations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and more.

Q5. Can I make a career out of TEFL?

Absolutely! The career progression in the TEFL industry is great and varied. As a TEFL teacher you can progress to ADOS (Assistant Director of Studies) or even DOS (Director of Studies), or branch out into TEFL course designing (like our tutors!) and developing teaching materials.

Did you know?

  • You can earn in excess of £30 per hour with a Teaching IELTS qualification.

  • In the UK there are on average 52 applications for every graduate vacancy...

  • ...Which is why teaching abroad is fast becoming an option for so many post-grads

  • 2 billion people worldwide would like to learn English, with over 300 million in China alone

  • This year alone, China will need 100,000 English teachers. Could one be you?

  • Teaching abroad isn’t just for recent graduates...

  • ...Exciting TEFL Internships don’t require a University degree!

Where can I go?

Where can I go?

Thailand, China, Venezuela, India, Colombia and many more. Find out more about the destinations where you can teach in by clicking here.



Destination decided? Now it’s time to get hunting for the role of your dreams – find out here where we are currently recruiting for.

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