Who are LoveTEFL?

LoveTEFL is run by a team of enthusiastic and experienced people who have visited all kinds of exotic locations. We’ve all worked in education, and we love the three Ts: Travel, TEFL and… er, toast. (Probably.)


Gordon Mathie

Gordon ran a global TEFL and travel company for a number of years before deciding to start his own company, LoveTEFL. If you want to know pretty much anything about teaching English overseas, he can help. (No, seriously… try him.)

LoveTEFL loves our travellers, and loves our schools, that’s Gordon’s priority. He likes to make sure all students are getting the most out of TEFL and taking all the opportunities for travel, learning and inspiring others.

Fact: Gordon once drove a landrover from Johannesburg to Scotland, and he’ll quite happily talk about it for hours. “When I was in Africa…” …see, there he goes again!


Mark Langdale

Mark is LoveTEFL’s web geek and is often found hunched in a darkened corner working on the website. He is also a seasoned traveller having visited China, Canada and Morocco* (*at the World Showcase in Epcot, Disney World…)

He is absolutely thrilled to be part of the LoveTEFL community, helping to deliver excellent service to all of their customers.

Fact: Mark has the autograph of legendary triple jumper Jonathan Edwards in a gold frame on his mantelpiece. He worships it three times a day.



Jo has worked in Travel for the past 10 years and before that went off exploring the world. She loved it so much that she came back and started working in the industry encouraging others to do the same. She has certainly got around over the years (in the travelling sense that is) and can answer most of your questions about what it’s like to live overseas.

When Jo isn’t jet-setting about the planet she spends most of her time in the great British outdoors and can normally be found in a cold, muddy field somewhere walking the dog, biking or holding spare wheels at various races around the country – she does this bit begrudgingly.

Fact: Jo’s travels weren’t completely uneventful; during the course of her travels she was attacked by killer bees, stung by a scorpion and nearly sat on a poisonous snake. She’s a good person to have around because you can guarantee it will happen to her and not you!



Lordy found a love for teaching English to kids in Thailand after giving up his 9 to 5 desk job selling advertising in newspapers. He certainly never regretted that move and since being there, he has met his beautiful wife and they have had two wonderful kids together. Not a bad deal!

He joined LoveTEFL this year after 3 years of teaching in Thailand and has been proud to have been involved with the launch of the company in South East Asia.

Fact: Lordy probably watches far too many movies and likes nothing more than a great romcom!



Sue has taught English at all levels and has also been a teacher trainer for more than 6 years. Recently she worked as an English mentor at a Brazilian primary school. Her job was to work alongside the English teachers and train them in EFL teaching and help write the yearly syllabus. Having spent most of the last ten years living and working abroad Sue is now settled in the UK.

Like most of the LoveTEFL team Sue loves travel and teaching. She is passionate about encouraging and helping trainees get the most from their course and loves helping build their confidence and sharing her own experiences. Sue has worked with several companies to design course material, which include an online IELTS course, a TESOL methodology course and a young learners interactive book. She has also written her own range of course books that are sold privately.

Teaching aside Sue loves nature and being outdoors and you can often find her walking (often chasing!!) her dog (Bruce the Beagle!) in the countryside or along the beach.

Fact: Sue once spent 3 months living in a campervan and driving around Australia.



Tracy travelled to the Far East to teach English over 15 years ago after deciding a career in Computing wasn’t for her. Her passion for teaching was enhanced by being immersed in the culture and after progressing to Senior Teacher and then managing a number of schools in the area she decided to return to the UK to continue her professional development. Back in the UK Tracy taught EFL and EAL in many schools and her most recent post was Director of Studies at a private language school. She has now decided to reduce her hours whilst raising her young family.

Fact: Whilst travelling across America on the Greyhound Coach, all of Tracy’s possessions (including passport, money and ID) were lost by the coach company. Thankfully, everything was recovered after a worrying amount of time and a further 500 miles.

How we see things

At LoveTEFL we want to see everyone fulfil their ambitions and get the most out of life. We realise that some people find it easy to drop everything, and some people need a little help. Whether you need a gentle nudge towards your dream or you need us to stick an elbow in your ribs to get you started, we’d love to help you out. Learning to teach isn’t just about courses and qualifications: it’s also about the journey you take. We’re here to help you with that journey.

When you train with LoveTEFL, you’re benefitting from a wealth of experience and support. You can see from our experience that we know what we’re doing. We’ve been there and done it already.

LoveTEFL won’t train you, give you a couple of leaflets and send you on your way. We have a genuine passion for travel and education, and we really do want to provide you with the best possible service – as well as all the encouragement you could ever need – to get started in your new career.

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