Euan in China: Think teaching isn’t for you? Think again

I just said the foulest, most offensive thing to my laptop because, when I rewrote this opening line, Word changed the font size from 14 back to 16. My point is that I continue to be surprised that I am a teacher, more so that I’m enjoying it and that my students are too. If...read on

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Reflections on my time on the Epic India Experience

Well at the end of an amazing four weeks I have to say I’ll be very, very sad to leave this wonderful country. I have experienced so much in the past month and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to see it all! As this is my final entry I thought I’d...read on

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Becky in China – my first day on Chinese soil

I took my first step onto Chinese soil, like so many travellers, in a sleep deprived daze, too exhausted to feel apprehensive or excited. I proceeded to spend my first half hour in the country angrily stabbing at my phone in a futile attempt to access the airport wifi (a frequently reoccurring ordeal this past...read on

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What makes colourful Kenya so special?

Kenya in eastern Africa is the latest mind-blowing TEFL destination to hit our books, and we couldn’t be more excited about the Kenya Maasai Experience. This culture-packed, colourful country has loads on offer – much more than sprawling desert and exotic wildlife. Known officially as the Republic of Kenya, it lies across the equator and...read on

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5 sights you won’t want to miss in Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most rich and vibrant countries, and we’re stoked to be sending our intrepid adventurers on our brand new Kenya Maasai Experience. During this TEFL Adventure there will be loads to see and do, but to help out a bit we’ve compiled an at-a-glance list of the top five LoveTEFL Kenyan...read on

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