Meet the LoveTEFL Travellers: Kevin, Thailand

Welcome back to Meet the LoveTEFL Travellers, where we interview past interns to find out what inspired them to teach English overseas and – most importantly – what they got out of it! This week, we’re talking to Kevin Cuminskey, who joined our June Thailand Internship and had the time of his life. Thanks for...read on

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Mérida, Venezuela: starting my teaching experience

I’ve now been in Merida, Venezuela for two whole weeks and it’s fair to say that the time has flown by. My stay here so far has been jam-packed with activities and a busy teaching schedule. The other interns and I weren’t quite sure what to expect on arrival at the new school but any...read on

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Six months teaching in China: the half way point

Time is a strange thing that even my most nerdy and science obsessed friends would struggle to explain the basics of. I have been in Beijing, China for just over three months, which equates to half of my time here. The last month has evaporated in relation to a confusing and disorientating first two months,...read on

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Arriving to teach English in Mérida, Venezuela

So after an exhausting 3 days of travelling I’m delighted to announce that I arrived yesterday safe and sound in the beautiful city of Merida high up in the Venezuelan Andes. I’m currently sat on the balcony of my ‘posada’ admiring the bustling square below me which is connected to the entrance to the highest...read on

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Reflections on my LoveTEFL Thailand Internship

After Bangkok in the second week, I found myself going back to Kanchanaburi every weekend after; I just loved the town so much. Other trips around there that I took were to Hellfire Pass up in the mountains, a very sobering experience which shows you the achievement of allied P.O.W.s during WWII. I also went...read on

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