Becca in Thailand: Culture shock and settling into Thai life

After a pretty turbulent start to our Thai adventure – an Internship-wide bout of illness to be precise – we arrived a day later than scheduled to our school accommodation and our home for the next six weeks. Spending five nights in pretty hotels meant the thought of arriving at our more basic school accommodation...read on

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Rachel in Colombia: preparing to conquer South America

Travel. It is said to be the only thing that you can buy, that actually makes you richer. Richer in experiences, adventures, knowledge, you know, the things in life with a real value. Having travelled in the past, I decided to scratch another location off my map and conquer South America. At the end of...read on

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What’s South India really like? Tips for travellers

                When you’re starting out on an amazing journey living and teaching in a brand new country, there will inevitably be loads of important points to consider. There are visa and passport considerations, as well as whether or not to pack a mosquito net – all in a backpack or suitcase on wheels?!                 As...read on

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Meet the LoveTEFL Travellers: Heidi, Thailand

TEFL in Thailand is a brilliant way to get under the skin of this colourful, culture-packed country. Our intern Heidi kept us up-to-date with her adventures on our Thailand Internship in her fantastic blog, but what drew her to teaching English abroad in the first place? Read this quick interview with her to find out....read on

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Becca in Thailand: Is this really happening?!

The two week countdown to Thailand has begun. No longer is it an abstract idea of a trip that I tell everyone I am going to embark on. For a while the ‘I’m going to Thailand’ story felt more like a rehearsed speech that I uttered to many customers in the village shop I work...read on

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