Rothothea in Thailand – Stranger Danger and Safari Parks

When you first get introduced to the intern who you’ll be living with for the next few weeks, it can make you feel a little apprehensive. You are about to go through this journey with one other person beside you, so it’s only logical to hope that you can get along and be good friends....read on

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First week teaching in the township, by Tara in South Africa

Klienberg Primary School The first week in the classroom was challenging to say the least, I felt out of my depth and that the majority of my time was being spent disciplining the children instead of actually teaching. I first realised I was out of my depth when the teacher left the classroom for 20 minutes...read on

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Clemmie in China: The quirks of Chinese school life

 Initially I didn’t think that much would be different but the longer I’m here the more I notice more and more strange things.  Last week I posted my list of weird and wonderful things in China, but schools didn’t really feature at all. I guess this is because the differences between British and Chinese schools...read on

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Making the most of your time teaching English overseas – a survival guide

Here at LoveTEFL we’re only too familiar with the worries and stresses of preparing for the big departure overseas. It’s easy to become preoccupied and work yourself into a tizz with endless concerns before you’re even there – will you fit in? Will you get along with new people? Will you like the food? What...read on

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