Orientation and meeting my fellow interns: Thailand

I am using my series of posts as an honest, non biased account of what the 2 month teaching internship is like based on my personal experience. I hope that potential interns will be able to gauge what to (and what not to) expect from it, and that it helps others decide whether this is...read on

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Becoming a local in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It will take you a good one to two weeks to adjust to living in this crazy city. Once you do though, you will feel like a local and see familiar faces every day. From the coffee woman outside your school selling iced coffee with condensed milk (that at first you probably will hate, but...read on

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Negotiating the Chinese public transport system

I have been placed in a school that seems, at first, irritatingly far away from civilisation. Now, however, I have realised that any situation, that doesn’t involve tremendous physical or emotional trauma, can be great if you can find the good in it. A day in the life of me trying to get into town,...read on

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In thanks to the teachers who inspired me to TEFL

We all had that one teacher; the teacher who didn’t fit the mould. Who stood out. Inspired us. Made us laugh. Taught us what it means to respect someone as we learn how much we respect them ourselves. As I sat in a Mexican bar on the very loud, sense assaulting Khaosan road with my...read on

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Taking a breather from TEFL teaching: Battambang!

Our schools were closed for the Water Festival for a week so we decided it was time to head over to the famous Siem Reap, the home of Angkor Wat. We had already visited here previously on our SE Asia trip so we didn’t visit the temple again as its quite pricey. We used this...read on

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