On’s vegan Thai cooking and a trip to Elephant World

After another busy (and very hot) week of teaching, we were looking forward to the weekend… and this one was going to be a good’un. As we only do half days on Friday, in the afternoon we headed into Kanchanburi town to soak up some of the Thailand sun. Most of the hotels with swimming...read on

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Week four in Cambodia: elephants, dolphins and a trip to Kratie

Week 4 in Cambodia has been absolute bliss and a good opportunity to reflect on my time in here. A group of us went to Mondulkiri province to spend the weekend volunteering with elephants at the sanctuary the Mondulkiri Project, which was an amazing experience. The project we visited rescues elephants from working life and...read on

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TEFL break: A weekend trip to historic Chiang Mai

As all the weeks are seeming to, this past week just flew by! Very aware that time is uncontrollably running away from us, my roommate and I tried to get out and about and fill our week with as many exciting things as we could. I think we made a good effort… Lessons at school...read on

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Sightseeing, Songshan and Shaolin monks: the best of China

I woke up with some kind of wasting disease today (bigshots call it a cold), and the best way to pass the time when you’re miserable is to reflect on happy things – such as the past week or two of pissing around. The other week Tobes and I scraped the squad together and were...read on

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A trip to rural Kampot, and exam preparation

Having just finished week 3 of the Cambodia internship, I can safely say that it has been the toughest in many ways but I’ll start with the jungle trek. Almost the entire TEFL crew decided to spend the weekend in Kampot which is an absolutely stunning part of Cambodia. Up in the mountains just outside...read on

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