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Get TEFL qualified & teach across the globe

With LoveTEFL’s great value TEFL course, you’re supported from start to finish

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the perfect way to explore our world whilst getting inspiring hands-on teaching experience – but before you start, you’ll need to get qualified! Here at LoveTEFL we believe getting TEFL qualified should be simple and straightforward.

Our 120 hour online TEFL course is packed with all the essential skills you need so you’ll cover things like teaching theory, lesson planning and classroom confidence building which will all help you get stuck in once you start teaching.

It’s all done online, which means you can fit the course around other commitments (not the other way round) and even study on your tablet. One of our expert tutors will be on hand throughout to give tailored feedback and mark your work, and our in-house TEFL support team can answer any questions you have, too.

Once you’re qualified we’ll even help get you teaching in bucket-list locations like China, Thailand, India, South Africa and Venezuela!

Why LoveTEFL?

Famous support

We’re proud of having the friendliest, most experienced support team out there; we beat all other online course providers in graduate satisfaction.

Great value

We’re in it for you – we keep our prices low because we know everybody likes to save some cash. If our customers are happy, so are we.


Why complicate things? We’ll get you qualified and support you in your onward journey, keeping things as smooth as possible.

We’re accredited

You can trust us! We graduate thousands of people a year, and we’re accredited by the ODLQC which means you can buy with confidence.

The LoveTEFL mission

Here at LoveTEFL, we think that exciting travel is every bit as important as getting teaching experience. We’ll get you out there, teaching and seeing the wonders of our world with great value for money and champion support from our team of TEFL experts. Between us, we’ve got over 20 years’ industry experience and we’ve been around the globe a few times, so you know you’re in trustworthy hands.

Still unsure? Find out what our graduates said about us at www.teflcoursereview.com

  • The course is laid out fabulously, no pompous language used or complicated terminology, it was truly fun to learn and I even learned new things along the way.

    Lou. R, November 2014

  • It was easy to understand and hugely effective. So much so that, I am now supremely confident in becoming a successful TEFL teacher in my new position.

    Nicholas Leen, October 2014

  • I would highly recommend this online course. It is exciting, informative and definitely value for money.

    Stella Liapi, November 2014

  • What I really loved about this course was again, the flexibility of the course and how it gave me enough time to complete it. I also really liked the layout of the web pages as it was clear and simple to navigate through.

    Diz, December 2014

New to TEFL?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course is all you need to become a qualified teacher. After completing our internationally-recognised online TEFL course, we’ll send you your TEFL certificate which will enable you to start teaching English across the globe.

The majority of employers worldwide will only ask for 120 hours TEFL training – so, to keep it simple, we offer the essential 120 hours of online training you need!

  • 120 Hours online TEFL Training
  • Full support from a dedicated tutor
  • Accredited provider
  • Free employment advice
  • Open the door to thousands of
    jobs abroad

Written by our knowledgeable TEFL experts, our course guides you through the essential stages of becoming an effective teacher – starting with preparing brilliant lesson plans, moving onto developing great content and then finally exploring how to make your lessons really work in the classroom. You’ll also benefit from short videos and guided observations, showing you an experienced teacher doing the activities they are teaching you about.

How can I use the TEFL qualification?

The 120 hour Online TEFL Course is recognised and accepted across the world as a quality teaching qualification. Once you complete the course the doors will open to thousands of teaching jobs in some of the world’s best travel hotspots. There are also exciting TEFL Internships and shorter TEFL Adventures which give you a taste of teaching abroad, immerse you in a new culture and give you plenty of opportunity to explore.

How can I fit the course in with my life?

We have had students pass their course in their University holidays, as well as people who currently have a job and wish to spend a couple of hours on the course two or three times a week. The great thing about our courses is that they fit around your life.

What can I earn abroad with TEFL?

TEFL teacher salaries vary from country to country and are typically paid in the local currency. It’s worth remembering that the usual income of a TEFL teacher is more than enough to accommodate the average cost of living in each respective country.

Do I need any practical experience?

It really depends on you – weekend TEFL courses give you 20 hours of intensive classroom training and offers a practical insight in to methods of teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Most of our graduates think that the 120 hour Online TEFL course is more than enough training to start your TEFL journey, plus our short videos and guided observations are a brilliant resource to watch experienced teachers carry out their lessons.

Course Breakdown

Each section covers essential TEFL training including grammar and vocabulary teaching guides, classroom confidence building, lesson planning and employment advice.

The course is packed full of practical knowledge and tips to help you become a great TEFL teacher. It has 3 main sections, guiding you through the core elements of successful teaching in turn. Each section includes:

  • Knowledge modules, combining clearly presented theory with short films,
    activities, quizzes and practical ideas to make your learning come alive.
  • Putting it into Practice, providing brilliant real life examples and ideas to help
    turn your knowledge into really effective teaching practice.
  • Check Your Knowledge, structured self-check quizzes to help
    you review what you have been taught.

Section 1: Planning a lesson

Planning is an essential part of teaching. If you invest time in structuring and developing a lesson, you are well on the way to making it work once you step into the classroom (not to mention having something concrete to help you overcome those first day nerves!).

The first part of the course focuses on how to create a successful lesson plan. You will be guided through the process of creating a great plan and will learn about teaching methodologies, what to include in a lesson plan, how to set out a lesson plan and adapting your lesson for different types of classes you might teach.

Section 2: Lesson content

A fantastic lesson plan needs to have some language content. This section examines the 3 main topics you will teach, namely: vocabulary, grammar and the 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

You will refresh your own knowledge of each topic, and learn about how to turn this knowledge into great material for your class.

Section 3: Making it work in the classroom

Planning your lesson and knowing your topic are brilliant foun dations for teaching. However, you still need to deliver your lesson to real students.

This section of the course explores how to give yourself the best possible chance of delivering your lesson successfully. You will learn about creating a good teaching environment for your students, approaches to helping your students to learn and how to deal with problems that arise.

Course assessment

Once you have completed Section 3, you will be ready to take the course assessment. This has 3 parts: first you will take a test to check your knowledge, then you will need to create a lesson plan and finally produce a piece of written work to demonstrate your understanding of effective teaching.

Your work will be marked within 7 days, and you will receive detailed feedback. Your certificate will then follow within 28 days (although as a small and nimble business we always try to beat this!)

Taking it further

Completing the course is just your first step to an amazing TEFL adventure. To help you on your way, we end the course with an additional section setting out listings for further reading and resources, practical hints for finding work (including links to useful recruitment sites), and finally some tips to help you with that crucial first day in the classroom.

Support and advice

Trainees have access to support and advice throughout the course, through our support desk team and course tutors.


When looking for TEFL courses, remember that it is important to find a course provided by an accredited company. LoveTEFL have been independently accredited by the Open Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC) and our online courses are recognised by schools worldwide.

What is the ODLQC accreditation?

The ODLQC accreditation means that we have been professionally reviewed and established as an official, high quality course provider. This accreditation is recognised worldwide, meaning that employers across the globe will recognise that your qualification has come from a reputable provider.

Where will my course be recognised?

Once you have completed your 120 hours of training you will have a TEFL certificate which is recognised worldwide. From our experience the majority of employers will ask for 120 hours minimum training, so the experience will be perfect for your TEFL job applications as well as giving you all the confidence you need to deliver effective teaching.

What are employers looking for?

TEFL employers are looking for teachers with all the essential abilities and knowledge to make for a positive learning environment. LoveTEFL’s interactive TEFL courses will turn you in to a confident, skilled teacher who employees would love to have in their class.

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